This form is designed to both email and text message available drivers (when the form is fully completed). Your name and email MUST minimally be provided. By adding your phone number, we can text message our drivers for faster receipt and response. Your info will not be shared outside of our driver pool and administrators.

This service is designed for those who wish to attend any Collective Choir function or rehearsal and is unable to find transportation to that event. Your request for transportation will be sent to our Collective Choir volunteer drivers, which are very few and limited. Depending on availability, they will respond to your request. Based on the event date, they may be on vacation, at work, or already engaged in transporting others and unable to assist you.

If you need to request or suggest something in greater scope, please use our contact link at the bottom of this form. The contact page is email-based only and will not have text message capability.

If you wish to become a volunteer driver, please contact our Driver Coordinator, Shane Spencer (, who will assist you through the process.