Collective Choir FAQ
Do I need to have special training or a good voice to join?

You only need your heart and joy to qualify. We will prepare you for the performance. 

If I join, how long will my commitment be?

You may be a member for as long as you desire. We ask that you at least commit to 6 weeks, which prepares you for the next performance.

Where can I go to see them, sing?

We usually meet every Monday at 6P for choir practice at Valleybrook Church during the colder/inclement seasons and at Phoenix Park during the warmer and dry seasons. To see us perform, please check out our CALENDAR Page for upcoming places, locations, and contacts. To view our previous activities, check out our VIDEOMUSIC, or EVENTS Page. NOTE: As there many entries on the EVENTS page, it will take quite a while to load. Please be patient.

How may I make a donation using a credit card or PayPal?

Click onto our 'DONATE' page, or click onto the dollar bill logo in the top left of the screen.

How May I make a donation using a bank check?

Please mail your check to the following address:

P.O. Box 1942
Eau Claire Wi. 54702



I'd like to host a presentation.

Click onto our "Contact Us" page, and make that selection.

Tell me more about the Collective Choir.

Click onto our "Contact Us" page, and make that selection.

Are there other ways to volunteer?

Click onto our "Volunteer" page, and select your passion.

I'd like to connect with Prayer Partners.

Click onto our "Contact Us" page, and make that selection.

I'd like to connect with Financial Partners.

Click onto our "Contact Us" page, and make that selection.

Where does the Collective Choir meet?

    During the colder months or when inclement weather arrives, the CollECtive Choir will be meeting temporarily at Valleybrook Church on the Graham Avenue side.

For More Information
Michael Rambo




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During the Spring, Summer, and Fall months when the weather is nice out, the CollECtive Choir will meet at Phoenix Park in Eau Claire for rehearsals.

Who may we contact?

Our Hip Hop CollECtive Choir in our hometown of Eau Claire Wi

I am Michael Rambo, the director of the Collective Choir.
I look forward to meeting with you!